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Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine - helpful information

This unofficial web page gives:

- some information on Ross University

- information on student housing

It is highly recommended to follow the link at the bottom of this page to the official Ross University web sites.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) is an American institution that offers veterinary education on the same level as schools in the United States


Ross University 's head office is located in the United States, but the large and modern campus is on the tropical island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. The school offers a trimester program, which actually saves students time (the program takes 3.4 years overall, compared to 4 years in the States). Semester breaks are in August (3 weeks), Christmas (3 weeks), and April (1 week).

Professors at Ross University have had many years of teaching experience before coming to St. Kitts. The majority comes from the US, are board certified in clinical specialties and/or have a PhD degree. At Ross University one can still see individual teaching and mentoring. Since the island is small, many faculty also interact with students socially, which creates a nice campus atmosphere

First seven semesters: Semesters 1-2 focus on preclinical education including anatomy, histology, and physiology, semesters 3-4 on pharmacology, pathology, and microbiology, and semesters 5-7 on clinical fields such as medicine, surgery, anesthesia, and radiology. Students in the surgery semesters have to take care of their surgery animals, which allows good experience in animal care and handling. In 7th semester the students participate in seeing client-owned animals at the RUSVM hospital.

After finishing seven semesters on St. Kitts, students go to the clinical year in the United States. Many school accept Ross Students nowadays, including Cornell, North Carolina, Minnesota, Purdue, and Washington State. During the clinical year Ross students join students of the US school with equal privileges and duties, rotating through every clinical field and gaining practical experience. During or after the clinical year, they sit for the NAVLE examination as any other US student. After finishing the clinical year, Ross students currently have to pass the ECFVG examination procedures to be able to practice in the United States.

Student Life

The quiet island of St. Kitts offers an excellent atmosphere for studying. During free time, students can enjoy the many attractions and activities of a tropical island, such as hiking the rain forest, climbing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, or just relaxing on a calm beach. The night life is quiet, and limited to a few bars and one dance club. Many students meet for dinner at outdoor barbeque restaurants such as "Spratnet". For detailed information on life in St. Kitts, go to the link

the island of St. Kitts

Housing for students

Housing is available in private 1-3 bedroom apartments and 2-4 bedroom houses. There currently is no dormitory on the island. Some incoming students initially prefer to live by themselves. However, there are only few single studios available, and they cost about US $ 300 more per person when compared to 3-bedroom apartments. Most students elect to share a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, which, while still allowing quiescence for studying, allows for social interaction and mutual assistance. In general, the rent is high on St. Kitts, often ranging from US $ 500 - 900 per person (including electricity and cable TV), depending on number of people sharing and the location of the apartment. Most students prefer to live in a safe and beautiful area such as Frigate Bay



advantages: 1 mile from school

disadvantages: far from beaches and activities, area is not considered very safe.


advantages: rent slightly cheaper than Frigate Bay

disadvantages: safer than Mattingley, but burglaries still occur. Apartments usually older, not always air conditioned, not always well furnished.

Frigate Bay:

advantages: prime residential area on St. Kitts, most students and faculty live in Frigate Bay, beaches and safe walking trails close by, houses tend to be more modern and more well equipped, usually air conditioned, safest area to live in.

disadvantages: slightly more pricey than the other areas.


The following link informs on current apartment availabilities in Golfview Estates, one of the most popular modern residential developments for students in Frigate Bay, including images of the houses.

apartments for rent

This web site is a private unofficial web page, which is not sponsored by and has no association with RUSVM. For further information on admission and program, go to the official web site of the school

RUSVM main official website (US)

or look up the St.Kitts Campus site:

RUSVM St.Kitts page

College Talk, a bulletin board for Ross students

full of helpful information, particularly for incoming students

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